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Summer of Screams: The Boathouse by Brian LeTendre

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   The Boathouse by Brian Letendre July 15, 1978 “I’m pretty sure Director Spencer wouldn’t be on board with this,” Harry nervously offered from the shadows of the lower bunk. “Shut up, dickweed,” Chad snapped. “You’re just lucky we didn’t think of this when you were a counselor-in-training. You got off light. All you had to do was swim to the other side of the lake and back.” “Yeah—naked,” Harry moaned. “And then you guys hid my clothes and I had to walk back to my cabin while you all sl[...]


Haunted Hotel: What Crosses Over by Brian LeTendre

Welcome to day twenty-four of the Haunted Hotel Writer and Illustrator showcase! You can find a list of all participants here. Come back each day, the entire month of October for a scare! Today's story comes from room #665!   October 31st—4pm "Yes Miss Thompson, I will put you down for a wakeup call,” Cindy assured the woman in room eighty-four as she scrawled a note in the column of the guest register.  "Yes, yes, I understand—they'll make sure you get up. Yes, I know it's a matter of life and—" A blast of October air caused Cindy to look up as two[...]


Cover Reveal: HAUNTED (The Woodsview Murders, #2)

YOU GUYS, HAUNTED HAS A COVER AND IT'S SEXY AF. It's that time of year again, where the leaves rustle and pumpkins guard doorways. It also means one thing... HAUNTED IS HERE. Err, at least the cover. Haunted is the sequel to our Harrowed, our love letter to scary movies. Harrowed was released last year and it's been so much fun seeing it grow and seeing people love it. Thank you to everyone who has even looked at it. Today, we're celebrating the cover for book two. And honestly, I think I might love it even more than book one, which really, I didn't believe was p[...]


Orchard Pointe is Coming 2017!

Have you ever had to postpone a trip at the last minute? You had already bought the plane tickets, planned your itinerary and took the time off from work, but for whatever reason, something came up, and plans needed to change? Well folks, I'm sad to say that we have had to postpone our trip to Orchard Pointe. Yeah, we're bummed too. You might have figured that out already, as we were shooting for an August 16th release date and that came and went. The only reason we didn't make an announcement at that time is that we were hoping to have the book ready to go b[...]


Cover Reveal: Orchard Pointe! What do you think?

Today is a special day for me because not only do I get to reveal my cover but I get to share it with friends...all of you! This book is special to me, because as you know, I love all things weird and strange. I grew up watching the X-Files and Tales From The Crypt and reading things like Ray Bradbury's Dark Carnival, Goosebumps, Lois Duncan, and The Bailey School Kids books where weird was the norm. I liked it that way. I still do. And I wasn't sure if I was ever going to find my horror soul mate... but one day I did...my writing partner Brian. This cover rev[...]