cait greer


Urban Legends: A Drink With the Devil by Cait Greer

Welcome to Urban Legends: Author & Artist #SpookyShowcase. This autumn 2019, the strange and unusual is unleashed! Featuring the best authors and artists in the horror landscape, come back each day the month of October for a scare. You can find the master posting schedule here, Expect dark stories, myths, legends, and creepy creations that will make your spine tingle. Remember, urban legends aren't true...are they? A Drink With the Devil by Cait Greer Based on the urban legend The Devil's Chair in Florida. "No. No way in hell. No creepy-ass[...]


Summer of Screams: Shadow Lake by Cait Greer

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Shadow lake by cait greer   “It’s just a story, Cam. It’s not like there’s actually a monster in the lake.” Everly hops on one foot, adorably trying to pull her other sneaker on without untying it. “Everyone knows that’s just something the counselors made up years ago to scare the kids so they wouldn’t try to go swimming at night.” Camryn snickers behind her. “You mean exactly like we’re doing?” “Exactly.” Everly’s shoe finally slides on just as she tilts too far to the side, but[...]