Haunted Hotel: In Their House by J. Elizabeth Hill

Welcome to day seven of the Haunted Hotel Writer and Illustrator showcase! You can find a list of all participants here. Come back each day, the entire month of October for a scare! Today's story comes from room #214!   Andrea didn’t believe in ghosts. Daniel had insisted on the Thornewood Hotel for their anniversary, claiming he decided on it because of the history of the city and the ambiance of the hotel. A few seconds on Google had confirmed her suspicions. It was supposed to be haunted. With at least three separate spirits reported over the years[...]


Happy Autumnal Equinox + A Present for You!

I’m the first person to confess that I’m obsessed with fall. I live for the autumnal equinox and mark it (see: pretty colors) on my agenda planner with hearts and pumpkins and fall leaves. My house isn't big enough to have a party like I want, plus I'll be working all day, but I'd love to throw an autumnal magic equinox party one day. I have a Pinterest board ready and everything. See?   [Note: These aren't my photos, just photos I found on Pinterest. If you want to know their origin, visit my Pinterest link above where I found them.] In order t[...]


5 Free (and Gorgeous) WordPress Themes

I'm sure you're sick of hearing how important it is to have a platform and some sort of social media site when you are an author or illustrator. But even more important than having a social media site, is the look and feel of it. This site should represent you as an artist, an author, or a freelancer. Whether you're looking for a Wordpress theme to pair with your New Year's outlook or you're window shopping, here are five Wordpress layouts that I found. All are completely free and completely gorgeous. 5 Free (and Gorgeous) Wordpress Themes   Sugar and Spic[...]