Urban Legends: Resurrection Rosie by Mary Lamphere

Welcome to Urban Legends: Author & Artist #SpookyShowcase. This autumn 2019, the strange and unusual is unleashed! Featuring the best authors and artists in the horror landscape, come back each day the month of October for a scare. You can find the master posting schedule here, Expect dark stories, myths, legends, and creepy creations that will make your spine tingle. Remember, urban legends aren't true...are they? Resurrection Rosie by Mary Lamphere Based on the urban legend Resurrection Mary. “You’re seriously going around the block a[...]



Welcome to Beware! Dark Seas Halloween showcase, an annual author & artist showcase that features talented creators. Come back each day, the entire month of October for a scare! Prepare for dark stories, myths & legends, and creepy creations that will make the hair on the nape of your neck stand up straight. May the water have mercy on your soul. A full posting schedule can be found here. MOON'S WHISPER BY rH TUCKER   It’s been one month since I saw her last. Selene. I still haven’t told anyone about her because it’s crazy. How do you sta[...]


Summer of Screams: Camp Forever by Rena Olsen

Get the entire story posting schedule here! Scroll to the bottom for a giveaway.   Camp forever BY Rena Olsen   “She wasn’t always the ghost of Camp Forever,” I said, keeping my voice low and eerie as I glanced around the circle, making eye contact with each of the mesmerized girls, using my flashlight as a spotlight in the otherwise dark cabin. “She once was a camper…just like YOU!” “BOO!” A dark figure jumped against the window of the cabin and the girls screamed, scattering as far from the intruder as they could. Most ended up in my l[...]


Summer of Screams: The Art of Crafting Friends by Kathleen Palm

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   The Art of Crafting friends by Kathleen Palm   The first time I saw a ghost, I was three. The wispy form of Dad came to my room and said good-bye. I remember it clearly, how the flowered wallpaper on my wall cut across his middle, vague blobs of color shining through his gray form. I remember his wavering grin and the shine of his eyes. I remember how free he was. No more questions. No more pain. No more limits. Just cold bliss. I hold onto that image, that feeling as I tuck my hands in my lap, my fingers[...]


Haunted Hotel: In Their House by J. Elizabeth Hill

Welcome to day seven of the Haunted Hotel Writer and Illustrator showcase! You can find a list of all participants here. Come back each day, the entire month of October for a scare! Today's story comes from room #214!   Andrea didn’t believe in ghosts. Daniel had insisted on the Thornewood Hotel for their anniversary, claiming he decided on it because of the history of the city and the ambiance of the hotel. A few seconds on Google had confirmed her suspicions. It was supposed to be haunted. With at least three separate spirits reported over the years[...]