After the Storm – A Woodsview Christmas Story Just For You!

Woodsview fans, we have a surprise for you today. But first, we want to say thank you. Thank you for the tremendous amount of love you have shown Harrowed, and for your patience as we get ready to bring Haunted to you. We care about these characters so much, and to see them resonate with so many of you has been more rewarding than we can possibly imagine. And so today, we come bearing a gift, in the form of a Christmas story. It's called After the Storm, and it takes place just eight weeks after the events of Harrowed.   Two months ago, Avery Bla[...]


Cover Reveal: HAUNTED (The Woodsview Murders, #2)

YOU GUYS, HAUNTED HAS A COVER AND IT'S SEXY AF. It's that time of year again, where the leaves rustle and pumpkins guard doorways. It also means one thing... HAUNTED IS HERE. Err, at least the cover. Haunted is the sequel to our Harrowed, our love letter to scary movies. Harrowed was released last year and it's been so much fun seeing it grow and seeing people love it. Thank you to everyone who has even looked at it. Today, we're celebrating the cover for book two. And honestly, I think I might love it even more than book one, which really, I didn't believe was p[...]


Happy Autumnal Equinox + A Present for You!

I’m the first person to confess that I’m obsessed with fall. I live for the autumnal equinox and mark it (see: pretty colors) on my agenda planner with hearts and pumpkins and fall leaves. My house isn't big enough to have a party like I want, plus I'll be working all day, but I'd love to throw an autumnal magic equinox party one day. I have a Pinterest board ready and everything. See?   [Note: These aren't my photos, just photos I found on Pinterest. If you want to know their origin, visit my Pinterest link above where I found them.] In order t[...]


Monday Gratitude: Things I Love

Today I am grateful…Here’s another installment of Monday Gratitude, including a list of things I am thankful for.    What is Monday Gratitude? Monday Gratitude is a new feature on my blog where I’ll be listing neat things that I find and the events, books, blogs, and people that I’m thankful for.   Today's is much, much overdue. I have so much to be thankful for. I  recently fell. Hard. And I got a concussion. Thankfully my best friend, fiance, and my two pups have been nursing me back to health. I'm so grateful for them. Because let m[...]


Harrowed Is Out!

Today is a very special day for us. Several months ago, Brian and I decided that we wanted to write a book together. Today, that book is being released into the world, and we could not be more excited and proud and just really happy to finally share it with everyone. HARROWED is a love letter to the '80s and early '90s horror movies that we grew up watching, and the music that provided the soundtrack to them as well. From Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Scream to Tesla, Def Leppard, and AC/DC, this book is full of references to that wonderful era of slashers an[...]