kat daemon


Summer of Screams: Deja Vu by Kat Daemon

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Deja Vu by Kat Daemon   Betty placed her swim goggles securely in the side pocket of her suitcase, closed it, and zipped it shut. Clicking the lock, her belongings were now secure. It was a lock that needed a code. Betty learned her lesson last year. A regular lock can be picked. A bobby pin is all you need, and where she was going there was an abundance of bobby pins. She wasn’t in the mood for fishing her training bras out of the lake or climbing a tree to get her sneakers. The lock held the illusion of pr[...]


Haunted Hotel: Unlocking Eternity by Kat Daemon

Welcome to day EIGHTEEN of the Haunted Hotel Writer and Illustrator showcase! You can find a list of all participants here. Come back each day, the entire month of October for a scare! Today's scare comes from room #213!   “We’ll be there by two tomorrow. Keep a tab at the bar, I’ll pay for your drinks when we get there,” Mark was way too chipper considering he had just called to say he was abandoning Jack. “You’ll have to pay for my cable bill too. I plan on watching movies all night,” Jack Bryant said gruffly into the receiver. “Uhhh[...]