Kathy Palm


Summer of Screams: The Art of Crafting Friends by Kathleen Palm

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   The Art of Crafting friends by Kathleen Palm   The first time I saw a ghost, I was three. The wispy form of Dad came to my room and said good-bye. I remember it clearly, how the flowered wallpaper on my wall cut across his middle, vague blobs of color shining through his gray form. I remember his wavering grin and the shine of his eyes. I remember how free he was. No more questions. No more pain. No more limits. Just cold bliss. I hold onto that image, that feeling as I tuck my hands in my lap, my fingers[...]


Haunted Hotel: Crimson Reality by Kathleen Palm

Welcome to day seventeen of the Haunted Hotel Writer and Illustrator showcase! You can find a list of all participants here. Come back each day, the entire month of October for a scare!Β Today's scare comes from room #317!   My entire life, all twenty-three years, have lead to tomorrow. The day my life begins. I glance at my phone as it vibrates in my hand, the screen bright with a call. I tighten my grip, resisting the urge to throw my cell across the parking lot. β€œGive it up, Mom.” I drag my suitcase out of the backseat and slam the door. The wh[...]