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Trick-Or-Treat Chronicles With Madeleine Roux

I live for scary and spooky. Even better if you can fit it into a well-written book with excellent characters, writing, and pacing. That's how I discovered Madeleine Roux. I picked up a copy of Asylum and never looked back. Of course, Asylum isn't her only book. The New York Times Bestselling author has written a myriad of wonderfully dark, macabre, and spooky things. And to my delight, she agreed to come on the blog today to chat! Hi Madeleine! Thank you so much for letting me interview you. I'm happier than a kid-eating monster on Halloween.Β The Asylum seri[...]


Trick-Or-Treat Chronicles With The Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers are two of my favorites middle grade authors. I became hooked when I read their first Fright Friends Adventure book, The House on Creep Street. They hit it even further out of the creepy park with the next in the series Beware the Monstrous Manther! The Fright Friends Adventures series is the first middle grade spooky read that’s really connected with me. It’s funny, clever, and has a ton of nods to classic horror that appeal to young and older readers. When I was scheduling my 2017 Trick-or-Treat chronicles interviews, I knew that I had t[...]