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Summer of Screams: Untitled (Summer Camp) by Ryan Bartlett

Get the entire story posting schedule here! Scroll to the bottom for a giveaway.   Untitled (Summer Camp) BY Ryan Bartlett   Title: Untitled (Summer Camp) Media: charcoal and pastel      About the Artist Ryan Bartlett is an artist based out of Orange, California who specializes in detailed works done in charcoal and mixed media. Ryan has participated in  previous Pen & Muse writer & artist showcases and you may find them here (The Dark Carnival),  here (12 Days of Christmas), and here (Haunted Hotel). He's been a featured[...]


Summer of Screams: What Came In the Cloud by Jamie Adams

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   What Came in the Cloud by Jamie Adams   It’s just past lunch when the cloud arrives. Deeks is on his way to the tennis court behind the dining hall when it descends, a languorous, bloated pool of indifferent plum. He looks up and when he looks down, he finds that his steps leave scorched earth behind him and his hands are blackening swiftly. In the dining hall, Margo and Luke clear their dishes and step outside. The campers come tomorrow and it’s time for a dry run down at the waterfront. When 300 seco[...]


Summer of Screams: The Art of Crafting Friends by Kathleen Palm

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   The Art of Crafting friends by Kathleen Palm   The first time I saw a ghost, I was three. The wispy form of Dad came to my room and said good-bye. I remember it clearly, how the flowered wallpaper on my wall cut across his middle, vague blobs of color shining through his gray form. I remember his wavering grin and the shine of his eyes. I remember how free he was. No more questions. No more pain. No more limits. Just cold bliss. I hold onto that image, that feeling as I tuck my hands in my lap, my fingers[...]


Summer of Screams: Wolves of Camp River Swamp by Danielle McKinney

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Wolves of Camp River Swamp by Danielle McKinney   It was the worst summer camp on the face of the planet but Alec’s parents insisted that he had to go. They didn't want him to waste his summer days playing video games. It wasn’t their summer, but still Alec was forced to attend Swamp River Camp for Teens. “Alec, you might like it. You won’t know unless you give it a chance,” his mom said, trying to sell him on the idea. She had no clue about what he liked. Staying inside was more his forte, not run[...]


Summer of Screams: Camp Crystal by Vanessa Rodriguez

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Camp Crystal by Vanessa Rodriguez   The night wrapped the trees in darkness. Only the dull glow of the moon trapped behind a cloud illuminated the sky. Shadows stretched across the lawn, wavering when the wind swayed the boughs. “This time will be different.” Grace ignored her father and stared at Camp Crystal’s main cabin. Even the night couldn’t disguise the perfection and reputation the camp was known for. But it didn’t matter. Everywhere Grace went it was the same. She never fit in. “Whe[...]