summer of screams


Summer of Screams: Camp Crystal by Vanessa Rodriguez

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Camp Crystal by Vanessa Rodriguez   The night wrapped the trees in darkness. Only the dull glow of the moon trapped behind a cloud illuminated the sky. Shadows stretched across the lawn, wavering when the wind swayed the boughs. “This time will be different.” Grace ignored her father and stared at Camp Crystal’s main cabin. Even the night couldn’t disguise the perfection and reputation the camp was known for. But it didn’t matter. Everywhere Grace went it was the same. She never fit in. “Whe[...]


Summer of Screams: The Boathouse by Brian LeTendre

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   The Boathouse by Brian Letendre July 15, 1978 “I’m pretty sure Director Spencer wouldn’t be on board with this,” Harry nervously offered from the shadows of the lower bunk. “Shut up, dickweed,” Chad snapped. “You’re just lucky we didn’t think of this when you were a counselor-in-training. You got off light. All you had to do was swim to the other side of the lake and back.” “Yeah—naked,” Harry moaned. “And then you guys hid my clothes and I had to walk back to my cabin while you all sl[...]


Summer of Screams: Blink Fly by Victoria Nations

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Blink Fly by Victoria Nations   Blink Fly, and it started like this.  The camp was fine when I left it.  The girls were fine, and who cared if I hiked off because screw them, that's why.  They were happy with an afternoon siesta after kitchen duty, and I was happy to have an hour without listening to them swoon over Counselor Jimmy.  Fainting out in the Texas heat was preferable, believe me.  The sun made the orange rocks and pale plants glaze together, and everything looked like stained glass by the time I[...]


Summer of Screams: Deja Vu by Kat Daemon

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Deja Vu by Kat Daemon   Betty placed her swim goggles securely in the side pocket of her suitcase, closed it, and zipped it shut. Clicking the lock, her belongings were now secure. It was a lock that needed a code. Betty learned her lesson last year. A regular lock can be picked. A bobby pin is all you need, and where she was going there was an abundance of bobby pins. She wasn’t in the mood for fishing her training bras out of the lake or climbing a tree to get her sneakers. The lock held the illusion of pr[...]


Summer of Screams: No Camping Beyond This Point by S.P. McConnell

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   NO CAMPING BEYOND THIS POINT by S.P. McConnell   Media: Digital Drawing     About the Author   S.P. McConnell is an internationally recognized artist/illustrator and muralist. His mural work has been featured in Custom Builder and Luxury Homes magazine and he has illustrated  for clients including Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf. Currently, S.P. enjoys freelance work and a growing list of custom book cover commissions. To learn more about his work, please visit spmcconnell.com Twitter P[...]