NaNoWriMo Check In

We’re at the 12 day NaNoWriMo mark. Thus far, most of us have written about 2000 words a day, which means that if we want to finish, we should have roughly 20000 words written by now. I know. The sound of that probably makes you cringe, or do this:
I’m just slightly behind schedule, but fear not, I plan on making it up tonight. And so, how is everyone else out there doing with NaNoWriMo? Anyone way ahead? Way behind?
Also, shout out to Pen and Muse’s Ultimate NaNoWriMo resource guide. Lots of helpful links, including pretty NaNoWriMo calendars. I recommend stopping by if you’re feeling in a rut. And as I’ve said before and on my other blogs, no matter what happens this month, congratulations are in order.
You’re attempting to do something that most people will never try to do in their entire lives. 
Take pride in that.
Keep on readin’ on,

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