Twisted Fairy Tale: Visions of the Goblin Market by Annalise Sullivan

Welcome to the 8th annual #SpookyShowcase! The Spooky Showcase celebrates the dark minds of creatives around the world through short stories and artistic creations that are dark in nature, macabre, or horror themed.

This year’s theme is Twisted Fairy Tales. Expect twisted legends, creepy creations, and dark fairy tales that will keep you up at night. Visit each day in the month of October for a scare. The master schedule is here.

Visions of the Goblin Market

By Annalise Sullivan

About the Artist

Annalise Sullivan is an illustrator, author, and aspiring aesthete from Los Angeles. Her work is inspired by myth, magic, fashion, and horror. She’s currently working on several novels and a comic while also working as a freelance illustrator.

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