Summer of Screams Writer and Artist Showcase


Who knows what evil lurks at summer camp?
Buried in the ground.
Watching in the woods.
Floating in the lake.
Lurking in your cabin, underneath your bunk.
It’s there. It’s watching. It’s waiting.
And it will find you.

What is The summer of screams?

The Summer of Screams is a writer & artist showcase of short stories and art that are dark in nature, macabre, or horror themed. All must follow the same theme—summer camp.

When you think of summer camp what do you think of? As a former camp counselor, I think of lakes, canoes, hiking trails, camp events, the mess hall, hot weather, summer flings, bathing suits, sunblock, wooden signs, camp counselors sneaking out at night, and campers doing the things they’re told not to. I also think of Friday the 13th, ghosts, rustling bushes, drowning in the lake, mystery shacks in the middle of the woods, inexplicable sounds, local legends, midnight rendezvous, ghastly murders from the past. Clearly, I have issues. Anything related to summer camp that is spooky goes and any time period is fine.

All writers are welcome.
All genres are welcome.
All art is welcome.
All talent levels welcome.

Due to time restraints, I AM ONLY TAKING THE FIRST 35 PEOPLE TO SIGN UP.  Sign up here.

Stories are due: August 1, 2017.


are there rules?

I only have a few rules:

1. Turn your work in by the deadline.

2. Keep your word count between 1000 to 4000 words. If you’re making art, be able to provide me with a high res image.

3. Be nice.



great, so what do i do to join?

Sign up, write your heart out (or art your heart out), and get ready to be spooky with it.

1. Sign up below.

2. Invent a story or create some spooky art.

3. By August 1st, 2017, send your work to me, along with any bio or pictures or buy links you want me to include to Jolene.Haley@gmail dot com

4. Try to survive the summer…if you dare. Enjoy reveling in the spooky all month long.



Sign up here and get ready to have some scary fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

If you’re curious about previous showcases I’ve run, check out [WARNING! Dangerously cool art and free scary stories lie ahead] the Haunted Hotel showcase, Night Harvest showcase,  Haunted House showcase,  and the Dark Carnival showcase.

Happy Summer!


  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    July 14, 2017

    This sounds tantalizing. I’d love to write something creepy.

    • JoleneH
      Vanessa Rodriguez
      July 19, 2017

      We’d love to have you Vanessa! Feel free to sign up, if time allows! You have the best ideas!

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