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#SpookyAllYear #1! A Scary Podcast

It’s no secret that I love Faith and her genius brain, so naturally when she came up with the (amazing) way to make the entire year scary, I was SO on board with this.   #SpookyAllYear is a project run by Faith McKay at The Midnight Society to post whatever YOU think is scary, creepy weird, and join in the Blog Hop by linking your post to the site. The details are here. I will DEFINITELY be participating through the year. You should too! The first one is today so naturally I thought I'd kick it off with something near and dear to my heart. Today I w[...]


Lipstick and Zombies by Faith McKay is Here!

This week is a great week! Why? Because a good friend of mine, Faith McKay has put out her newest book, one that I’m so super duper excited about (And one that I pre-ordered the second it was available). You don't know how long I've pined for a book that mixes a little bit of with a little bit of   So without further ado, world, meet Lipstick and Zombies (Deadly Divas, #1) by Faith McKay. LIPSTICK AND ZOMBIES  (Deadly Divas, #1) WANTED. Five girls. Must be able to sing, dance, and kill zombies. Five unknown students are desperate to change th[...]