Happy Book Birthday to Life After Juliet by Shannon Lee Alexander

I love good books and I love good authors, which naturally is why I’m celebrating this new book, LIFE AFTER JULIET. Shannon may sound familiar because she's also the author of Love and Other Unknown Variables. I remember oogling the cover when it came out and one of my good friends posted a long glowing review on Goodreads about it, but my favorite part was this, "It is beautifully written and well paced, with intriguing characters, complex relationships, and plenty of raw emotion. I highly recommend this book!" It came out this week and it looks so good. Have[...]


Announcement: A Pizza My Heart YA Pizzathology – Coming November 2016!

First off, Happy National Pizza Party day!!! Everybody pizza shimmy! I am so excited! Some of you may remember that I made an announcement in February that I was looking for submissions for a young adult anthology. The theme? Pizza of course!! Fifty of you rose to the challenge and a select fourteen were chosen. There were so many fantastic submissions, I wanted so badly to choose more than that. But alas, I had to stick to my original guidelines and today we're celebrating it becoming a real thing! Here are the details! A Pizza My Heart: An Anthology[...]


We Clocked the T-Rex – Be a Part of the Fun!

People that know me well, know that I really love five things in life... Coffee, puppies, pizza, books, and any mention of dinosaurs. Imagine my delight when my good friend Grayson mentioned that he had this friend Ron who also loved pizza and just so happened to be in a contest to have his book published. His book was inspired partly by Jurassic Park, and when I heard that, basically I was already hooked. Then, Ron's sense of humor just made it all that much better. I looked into it and I was excited. Ron had a book that sounded fantastic! And guess what? His c[...]


Holiday Romance Alert: Celebrate Me by Kristen Strassel

One of my gorgeous, talented friends Kristen put out a book this week. She amazes me because she writes faster than almost anyone I've ever met and her books are fantastic. I mean just look at them, in all their glory. I started making a list of people who should buy this book: You, Me, your brother, your dog-walker, that sexy cowboy you saw once, your Aunt Shirley, and your boss. And pretty much everyone in between. Here's a little more detail. CELEBRATE ME Shea Lowe has a bad reputation. After years of throwing punches first and asking questions later, he's[...]


Lipstick and Zombies by Faith McKay is Here!

This week is a great week! Why? Because a good friend of mine, Faith McKay has put out her newest book, one that I’m so super duper excited about (And one that I pre-ordered the second it was available). You don't know how long I've pined for a book that mixes a little bit of with a little bit of   So without further ado, world, meet Lipstick and Zombies (Deadly Divas, #1) by Faith McKay. LIPSTICK AND ZOMBIES  (Deadly Divas, #1) WANTED. Five girls. Must be able to sing, dance, and kill zombies. Five unknown students are desperate to change th[...]