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#SpookyAllYear #1! A Scary Podcast

Itโ€™s no secret that I love Faith and her genius brain, so naturally when she came up with the (amazing) way to make the entire year scary, I was SO on board with this.   #SpookyAllYear is a project run by Faith McKay at The Midnight Society to post whatever YOU think is scary, creepy weird, and join in the Blog Hop by linking your post to the site. The details are here. Iย will DEFINITELY be participating through the year. You should too! The first one is today so naturally I thought I'd kick it off with something near and dear to my heart. Today I w[...]


Where in the World is Jolene Haley – April Update.

Where has the time gone? Seriously. I feel like last week it was December, and now it's almost May. Maybe it's just that I've been so incredibly busy lately, and that's why I feel like some of my time has been stolen out under my nose. What have I been doing? Reading Lately I've read several books, you can check out what I'm reading on Goodreads. The most recent ones are Untamed by Jinsey Reese and Victoria Green, The Babysitter I and II by R.L. Stine, and just started both the Pretty Little Liars seriesย and Silver Heart by Victoria Green. I've been really lucky[...]