Summer of Screams: Wolves of Camp River Swamp by Danielle McKinney

Get the entire story posting schedule here!   Wolves of Camp River Swamp by Danielle McKinney   It was the worst summer camp on the face of the planet but Alec’s parents insisted that he had to go. They didn't want him to waste his summer days playing video games. It wasn’t their summer, but still Alec was forced to attend Swamp River Camp for Teens. “Alec, you might like it. You won’t know unless you give it a chance,” his mom said, trying to sell him on the idea. She had no clue about what he liked. Staying inside was more his forte, not run[...]


Because the Night – Basically me fangirling and not being able to wait for November

I love Kristen Strassel. I also love Kristen Strassel's writing so much that I was willing to do a lot of inappropriate things to get my hands on a copy of Because the Night before it was published. Thankfully, Kristen didn't make me. She gave me a copy. And wow! Because the Night is a fast-paced, brilliant read and I recommend it to everyone! But Jolene, do you have more information about this book that I must read? Why yes I do! Thank you for asking! Read below!     WHAT: The BECAUSE THE NIGHT Blog Tour WHEN: October 21st to 25th & October 28th[...]