Happy Book Birthday to Sarah Nichole Smetana and The Midnights!

Happy Happy Book Birthday to the rad Sarah Nicole Smetana, whose debut is out in the world today! Also, I'm reading it and it's PHENOMENAL. You should stop by Sarah's website to spy all the cool talk and a round up of the insane media coverage this amazing book has been getting. I read one of these posts at Germ Magazine and it's fascinating (also she was electrocuted)! This voice-driven coming-of-age YA novel is perfect for fans of Katie Cotugno andย Playlist for the Dead. Susannah Hayes has never been in the spotlight, but she dreams of following her father[...]


Epic Reads Plea

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break! I know I did. My brother came down from Colorado and of course, shenanigans ensued. He left yesterday via plane and I returned to my online world. Imagine my excitement when I found this awesome opportunity from Epic Reads! I want to be an End Is Here Newbie. When you are chosen one to be their EIHN, you read books in a series and chronicle your reading journey. Once you read your series, you share the love!! Because we all know that there's nothing better than finding an amazing new series to indulge[...]


YA Stands

Itย occurredย to me tonight that I may have failed to mention that I'm now a contributor to YA Stands, an online blog dedicated to YA lit and writing. In case you missed it, you can find my first post here on why it's so important to find the perfect name for characters. Saturday was my second time posting, and it's about one of my favorite topics, BOYS! You can find that one here. Have a lovely night everyone![...]