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Horror Author Interview with Rose Sinclair

Halloween is almost upon us and I always enjoy the month reading spooky things and watching scary movies. This year, I'm also celebrating by showcasing horror authors and celebrating their contribution to the horror community. Rose agreed to let me interview her for a horror author interview and I'm really excited to share her answers with you. Let's dive in. Interview with Author Rose Sinclair Thank you for letting me interview you Rose! Let's start off by talking books, books, books. What kind of books do you like to write or have you written? If y[...]


Horror Author Interview with Kathleen S. Allen

For the foggy, chilling month of October, I wanted to interview as many horror authors as possible.Thankfully, Kathleen agreed to be my first victim! Kathleen S. Allen is the author of over 20 works (including horror) and you can find more about her below. Let's get started, shall we? Interview with Kathleen S. Allen Thank you for agreeing to let me interview you, Kathleen, for my horror author interview series. Let's kick it off with something easy. What kind of books do you like to write or have you written? I write young adult, although I have[...]