Horror Author Interview with Rose Sinclair

Halloween is almost upon us and I always enjoy the month reading spooky things and watching scary movies. This year, I’m also celebrating by showcasing horror authors and celebrating their contribution to the horror community.

Rose agreed to let me interview her for a horror author interview and I’m really excited to share her answers with you. Let’s dive in.

Interview with Author Rose Sinclair

Thank you for letting me interview you Rose! Let’s start off by talking books, books, books. What kind of books do you like to write or have you written? If you have written several books, do you have a favorite?

I write about queer characters getting up to something. My newest has ghost hunters on a cross country road trip for proof of the paranormal. Hello World has an ace hactivist, while Bone Diggers has a bunch of VR gamers unlocking secrets. 

Love it! Your books sound amazing. I love how you said, “queer characters getting up to something!” to describe your work. I need more of this in my life. So tell me, what is your writing process?

I need a themed playlist and my cats to give me enough space to reach the keyboard. I’ll type on really anything however. Phone, bluetooth keyboard, laptop, desktop whatever gets the job done!

I agree that cute animal power is very important! It’s one of my favorite things to power me through my own writing as well. So tell me, have you ever had a real-life spooky encounter?

I haven’t seen any paranormal creatures, but sometimes I get suspiciously close to telling the future. It’s happened a few times where I’ve learned a secret in a dream to the surprise of the person it’s about.

Oh! I have so many questions about that. I’ll have to write them down for next time. I feel like I want to know more. Or maybe…you can write it for us. 😛 What is one of your proudest achievements as an author?

My proudest moments have been when people tell me the first representation they seen of themselves was from my books. All of them have multiple LGBTQ characters so when someone picks one up and thinks, “This is me. For the first time, this is me on page.” It’s an honor really.

That’s a powerful and wonderful thing that you’re doing and it’s so important. Thank you for bringing underrepresented characters to life in awesome books! Keep doing amazing work.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, what is the scariest book you’ve read or a favorite book you’ve read this year?

Probably, That’s Not What Happened. It’s about the survivors of a school shooting and their stories about living with the news cycles from it years later. It has so much heart and reality that people forget if you haven’t lived something at least dramatic. It holds you attention like a news story or a twitter feed can.

I haven’t heard of that one. Thank you! I’m adding it to my TBR list. Do you believe in ghosts? Werewolves? Vampires?

I’m very much the ‘want to believe’ sort. I believe in the possibility of probably all paranormal things, but I also believe that many sightings can be proven to be something else, since often times the answer is the originally truth that humans are complex things we don’t fully understand.

Fair enough. What is the favorite costume you’ve worn for Halloween?

My favorite costumes have been KiKi from KiKi’s Delivery Service and Yuri from Yuri on Ice. Both times I dressed up with someone, and even had my black cat photobomb my witch costume.

That is awesome! I love it. So tell me, do you curate writing playlists, Pinterest boards, or novel aesthetic collages?

I’ll sometimes make novel aesthetic collages, Pinterest boards, or other pretty graphic things, but every story has to have a writing playlist. Here’s a link to the Suicide By Ghost soundtrack.

Look into your crystal ball and see the future! What are you working on next and/or what should your fans look for from you?

Pre-Order Suicide By Ghost by Rose Sinclair

Suicide by Ghost comes out November 19th and is available for pre-order now! So come November if you need another ghost story be sure to check it out, it’s full of the holiday spirit. 😉 

It looks so good! I can’t wait to read it. Which Halloween candy is the best candy? Which one should die?

Ooh, is this like a kiss, marry, kill for candy? First off, kill Whoppers and Milk Duds. Kiss, and then marry, all other candy. Give me your fun sized sugary treats please! Even the controversial candy corn is welcome here. 

About the Author Rose Sinclair


Rose Sinclair is still waiting for their Starfleet uniform to arrive, but isn’t so picky about color. Until then they spend their time writing about magic, the morally grey, and articles that would warrant the title of cyberpunk beatnik.


Pre-Order Suicide By Ghost by Rose Sinclair

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