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People that know me well, know that I really love five things in life… Coffee, puppies, pizza, books, and any mention of dinosaurs.

Imagine my delight when my good friend Grayson mentioned that he had this friend Ron who also loved pizza and just so happened to be in a contest to have his book published. His book was inspired partly by Jurassic Park, and when I heard that, basically I was already hooked. Then, Ron’s sense of humor just made it all that much better.

I looked into it and I was excited. Ron had a book that sounded fantastic! And guess what? His contest is still going and YOU can help him win! Let me tell you a little bit more about it.



 World, meet WE CLOCKED THE T-REX.



It’s the near-future and the dark forces of secret science and big money are preparing to engineer the world’s First De-Extinction Event. With her life’s work, countless species, and modern civilization on the line, Vee Whelan and the crew of the Research Vessel Pangolin aim to stop them – but what’s so evil about a scientific miracle?

We Clocked the T-Rex is a paranoid speculative adventure that takes the scientific gene editing and cloning techniques at our disposal today and asks, can’t we use these to make right all that we’ve made wrong about the natural world?

Hear It From Ron


Excerpt From the Book

The diving cameraman glides to her left as a dusty hump-headed wrasse wriggles from beneath her and past her shin, framing fish and woman in one shot. His hand conducts a sequence of unintelligible signs — a spinny motion, now wagging a hooked forefinger… is this some kind of fingering gag? Deciding it’s best to play along, Vee hunches toward the wrasse and pretends to pet it, but the thing spooks also and rapidly descends into the rubble. Vee looks up at Alan, confused, like “I swear, I never done anything wrong to that fish!” but then she sees it.

Hovering over Alan’s left shoulder is a two-foot-wide ghost-blue bell. A thicket of fishing-line-thin tentacles drape beneath it. Vee has just enough time to point and shout through the water.

Alan swivels toward the jellyfish and strokes backward after reflexively decking the thing with his camera. The creature crumples and slips below them before reinflating and pulsing upward. Vee takes just a moment to survey the water above. Twenty or more of its translucent buddies are drifting between them and the sunlit surface. Without planning, Vee grabs the cameraman’s hand, tucks her chin into her chest, wraps the free arm over her neck, and begins kicking.

And just in time. Looming in the distance, thunder-cloud-like, threatening a new gloom: the jelly swarm.


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You can actually read more of Ron’s book for free right on his book campaign website.
Even better, you can pre-order this book and make it your own for only ten bucks! Here’s the pre-order link!

About the Author

Ronald Valle’s first theater experience was Jurassic Park. He received his BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University in 2011. He got to live in the Virgin Islands for three months after. Now he teaches science to elementary school students, films with his friends, and writes about humans and animals. Cuz humans are animals. In a good way.

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