I Love Julie Hutchings, Author Extraordinare

Do you know Julie Hutchings?

You know, this babe?

Julie Hutchings

Julie wears many hats. And not because she’s a shifty criminal with multiple identities trying to evade authorities (but she could be because she is that interesting.) Julie is a mom, author, blogger, writer, reader, encourager of people, pep-talker, advice giver, inappropriate joke-teller, and recipient of awkward text messages of my face.

17977192Her first novel RUNNING HOME  is phenomenal. She’s also participating in an anthology that I am editing and releasing this fall called The Dark Carnival. And what I’m most excited about, she’s currently writing a story about witches and it sounds like THE BEST NOVEL IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AND I CAN’T WAIT TIL IT’S DONE.

Ahem. Anywho, what I’ve noticed is how amazing Julie is. She’s entirely honest and true. She’s encouraging when I need it. And damn, this chica is talented. So I asked myself, how can I show her how AMAZING she is?

And I realized, what could be better than a Friday celebration in Julie’s honor?

pizzaSo, take a slice of digital pizza, a glass of champagne (because pizza and champagne obviously go together), and let’s cheers to how amazing and incredible Julie is.

I’ll toast first.

And then to follow, when I told other people in secret that I was doing a Julie-is-awesome-post, they were just dying to give a toast to Julie too!

So raise your glass and follow along! Get ready to read what people had to say when I asked them the following question:

What do you love about Julie?


Julie Quote 1

Julie Quote 2

Julie quote 3


Julie Quote  5

Julie QUOTE 6



Julie Hutchings post



What do YOU love about Julie Hutchings? Why does she rock? Feel free to tweet her or leave your answer in the comments below!


With love and Julie tickles,



  • M. Andrew Patterson
    July 18, 2014

    I love her because she is pure, unadulterated, awesomesaucy sauce…with a side of snarkilicious. *rolls in rainbows of happy* <–rainbows come from unicorn farts.

  • JD
    July 18, 2014

    Julie weaves a tapestry of sheer, gleaming awesome, with a warp of brilliant crossed with a weft of honest on a loom of hilarious.

  • J Elizabeth Hill
    July 18, 2014

    What I love most about Julie Hutchings is her enthusiasm and generous heart. And her energy. And her filthy sense of humor. And her hugs. And her incredible writing. Okay, there’s a lot I love about her, because she’s so awesome that there’s a lot to love. 🙂

  • Richard PEarson
    July 18, 2014

    Julie is not just a talented author, but one of those unique peoples who radiates strength from simply knowing who she is and sharing it with the world.

  • Ernesto Miguel
    July 18, 2014

    You were an ear to lend when this stranger needed someone to “talk” to during times of great pain.
    We all know you can write. Be funny. Be you.
    And beyond all of your professional commitments and more importantly, your personal ones, you listened.
    You care. I “Thank you!” from the bottom of my heart.
    Angel smiles & laughter to you & yours.
    Cheers & Blessings!!!

  • David O
    July 18, 2014

    Julie is the single point in the universe where funny, irreverent and sweet all come together. She’s like a tabasco covered, sherbet filled fortune cookie.

  • Ian Cann
    July 18, 2014

    I love Julie because she’s funny, heartfelt, gloriously inappropriate at times, and on twitter is as good a friend as you could ask for.

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