Kristen Jett


The Dark Carnival Cover is Here!

Most of you know that I've been working super hard on editing my upcoming anthology called The Dark Carnival coming out from Pen & Muse Press. It's an anthology of horror shorts that all take place at a Dark Carnival. Myself, Kristen, and Jessi have put in a lot of time, sweat and tears into editing this. Our authors have worked SO hard. Our illustrators are incredible! I've been waiting eagerly to be able to show you the cover. Graphic designer C. Elizabeth Vescio designed the whole thing and I'm totally pumped to share it with you. Authors, if you're l[...]


Happy F@#king Birthday Kristen Jett!

 Woot! Happy F@#king  Birthday Kristen Jett! By now, I hope you've had a fun-filled, glorious day! I hope you eat cake and dance with friends. I hope you get lots of shiny things. I hope you have a truly beautiful birthday, because you deserve it! There are a million and one reasons that I cherish you as a friend, a confidant, and as a business partner. You're creative. You're innovative. You're talented. You're funny. And most importantly, you'll eat my licorice jelly beans. For those of you who are reading this and aren't KJ,  we (myself and fellow KJ lov[...]