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Now and Again Playlist Inspiration and GIVEAWAY!

By now, most of you have probably heard me talk about author Jennifer Ellision's book Now and Again. I read it recently. It's a new adult romance novel that's short, sweet, and lovely. I found my new book boyfriend Cole (watch out, he's mine). Jennifer has written several novels including Now and Again (new adult romance), the Threats of Sky and Sea series (YA fantasy) and I hear she's cooking up more to be released soon. I'm a very musical person. I was in band for most of my life. I listen to music nonstop so I couldn't help but be inspired by the love story o[...]


Happy Book Birthday to The Bleeding Heart by Amy Giuffrida

A woman who I greatly admire recently put out her debut novel. It's called The Bleeding Heart. Not only is the cover gorgeous but I'm madly in love with this book's concept. Check it out! Brooklyn is a talented artist with an obsession for blood; one that she satiates at her uncle’s tattoo shop. It’s here at The Bleeding Heart that Brooklyn practices the art of dispensing pain onto others. Yet, nothing can dull the desire running through her veins, especially since the man she really wants to torture rots in jail for murder. When Daniel comes into her lif[...]


Awesome Book Releases: 11/05/13

Regardless of it being Tuesday and the middle of my work week, I could not wait to wake up today. Why? Because there are four very special book releases out today that I can't wait to share with you! Because the Night By Kristen Strassel   Sex, Blood, and Rock n' Roll. Immortal Dilemma is the hottest band in the Las Vegas vampire rock scene. They draw insatiable fans from around the globe, thanks to a supernatural attraction called Bloodlust. Tristan craved such an opportunity to fill his empty mortal life, and now he has eternity to earn his place along[...]


Kiss My Assassin Blog Tour!

I'm beyond excited to host author C. Elizabeth Vescio on my blog today. Her series, called the Wasted series, caught my attention earlier this year with book one, titled Elegantly Wasted. In fact, you can peek at my post from when I first discovered it here and from when I was able to feature her book playlist here. Uncontrollably Wasted is the second book in the Wasted series and the one I'm featuring today! Check out the cover and the blurb below, as well as an exclusive excerpt from the book! About Uncontrollably Wasted "I needed to learn to be less melodra[...]


The Long Game Book Blitz

YAY! Welcome to the book blitz for awesome new adult book The Long Game by J.L.Fynn! The Long Game publishes on October 7th, 2013 and there's already a pre-order up for it here. And, lucky for you J.L. was willing to let me share an excerpt from her book with you! Exclusive Excerpt The Long Game book blurb: Smooth talking. Ambitious. Loyal. Twenty-year-old Shay Reilly has proven himself to his Irish-American Gypsy clan on small-scale cons, but now the clan leader has a bigger mission for him: playing the long game. To rake in the big score he’s after, he need[...]