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I’m beyond excited to host author C. Elizabeth Vescio on my blog today. Her series, called the Wasted series, caught my attention earlier this year with book one, titled Elegantly Wasted. In fact, you can peek at my post from when I first discovered it here and from when I was able to feature her book playlist here.

Uncontrollably Wasted is the second book in the Wasted series and the one I’m featuring today! Check out the cover and the blurb below, as well as an exclusive excerpt from the book!



About Uncontrollably Wasted

“I needed to learn to be less melodramatic, but it was hard in this family.”

It’s been a year since Francesca Fairholm met the rest of the Osiris team and the company heads, her two half brothers Nero and Lex. As they groom her for leadership, it’s all Frankie can do to keep her cynical sarcasm in check as she starts training two new Strikers, avoids the romantic advances of Spark Dawson, and does her best to pry a little family history from her cold, distant Aunt Alexa.

With the pressure of her secret dual life building and her mother acting strangely, Frankie’s sanity is pushed to the brink when she makes a grisly discovery that shakes the young Striker to her core. Despite her cousins’ fear that her panic attacks signal a full mental breakdown, Frankie is positive she’s not crazy. Finding clarity in her personal investigation into Osiris’s origins, she uncovers more about the company than she would rather know.

As her life starts to unravel, things get deadly and, before she knows it, she’s facing down an old target’s pissed-off widow, an unstoppable mercenary, and the one thing she’s most terrified of admitting to herself.
It’s possible the whole situation won’t explode in her face. Yeah, like Frankie has that kind of luck.


Check out the following scene from the book Uncontrollably Wasted, that takes place with one of my favorite characters Frankie.

I took a long drink from the wine bottle and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked tired and ashen. I traced the tattoo I had gotten on my upper arm to cover up the bullet wound Yeh had given me years earlier. It was a series of geometrical circles and small black dahlias. Gretchen had talked me into the idea, being an avid tattoo advocate.

My phone made a disgruntled sound as it vibrated against the old wood of the dresser.

Spark was texting me.

Are you okay?

Such a simple question. Just the fact that he had bothered to check up made me feel better.

Not really. Maybe after I shower, I typed.

Are you naked?


I’ll be over in five.

Ha. Thanks for making me smile.

I do what I can. Are you really okay?

I don’t know. It was a weird day.

Do you need anything?

I stared at his last text. The first answer that I was compelled to type was ‘you.’

I didn’t. That would be bad.


Frankie Quote


C. Elizabeth VescioC. Elizabeth Vescio is a jack of all trades and stereotypical black sheep, Cara has been writing somewhat dark and morbid since that teen angst hit somewhere in the early 90’s- probably because her dad was a mortician. After pursuing a degree in English, she changed gears to photography and design in 2006… although she kept penning stories for fun while reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde and Hemingway (whom she adores even though he was a huge douche canoe). In 2009, her life shifted considerably and she found herself writing Elegantly Wasted- helping her sort out a bunch of stupid feelings and other lame stuff.

She enjoys cynical debates, cupcakes, making her mother-in-law sew her aprons that she never wears, zombies, the Fifth Element and Tomb Raider. She gathers her life inspirations from Neil Gaiman, Julia Child and Paul Simon. When she isn’t out photographing her next project, she’s studying color, concept and design or writing stuff down in hopes it makes sense one day… or she’s on Pinterest.

Cara lives in Las Vegas with her husband, John and their three genetically altered dogs all of which have personal vendettas for the guy who cleans the pool.

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Watch out world, Cara has done it again!

In the second book in her Wasted Series, author C. Elizabeth Vescio has managed to make me laugh out loud, look over my shoulder, and grin like a fiend. I love Frankie and I loved being able to delve even further into the Fairholm world and the mind of a contract killer.

If you haven’t read the first book, get on it! It’s called Elegantly Wasted and you can buy it on Amazon Elegantly Wasted. The second book is equally captivating and fast paced, keeping the reader engrossed. I know personally, I had to grapple with even wanting to go to sleep. Why sleep when I could be reading Uncontrollably Wasted!?

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates wit, humor, and action!



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