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YA Stands

Itย occurredย to me tonight that I may have failed to mention that I'm now a contributor to YA Stands, an online blog dedicated to YA lit and writing. In case you missed it, you can find my first post here on why it's so important to find the perfect name for characters. Saturday was my second time posting, and it's about one of my favorite topics, BOYS! You can find that one here. Have a lovely night everyone![...]


NPR Best Ever Teen Novels

Today I came across NPR books, Best Ever Teen Novels list. I'm quite pleased and agree with SO many of them. Like Stargirl, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the Harry Potter series being number one, the Hush Hush saga, Something Wicked This Way Comes)... And on and on. What do you think about the list?[...]


Bump in the Night. Also a contest!

I have always said that there are not enough stories about the following: Girls kicking major ass YA Horror Monsters Some type of combination of YA Horror with monsters and girls that kick assย  Since there wasn't anything out there like this, I started writing it. I wrote and wrote and just finished it this month. It's called Bump in the Night and the synopsis can be found here. However, to my excitement, I have come across two other excellent works with a somewhat similar concept. A darker story. Girls kicking ass. Monsters/ Supernatural. I haven't read Spook[...]