Lovely & Lethal Blog Tour: Elegantly Wasted by C. Elizabeth Vescio

I'm lucky enough to know Cara Elizabeth and I'm even luckier to have read her new adult novel Elegantly Wasted. I'm saving my review for the end of the tour (but it contains squeels and shouts of joy for how well this novel is written and how funny these characters are). But for now, I want to share with you an exclusive excerpt hand picked by Cara herself. Enjoy! Exclusive Excerpt of Elegantly Wasted I turned my head slightly towards the clacking of heels on the stone floor of the cold church. Addison Fairholm knelt quickly at the edge of the pew and inst[...]


Musical Mondays

Hi Guys,I have an exciting announcement!Β I'm starting a new blog feature called "Musical Mondays." Every Monday I will feature a playlist an author made while writing a specific book. This is an awesome opportunity to showcase your book and also inspire other writers looking for new music.I welcome any traditionally published authors and self-published authors. I also welcome authors not yet published as long as you have a finished manuscript, a polished book blurb, and a place where readers can find out a little more about you or your writing.If you're intereste[...]


Bump in the Night. Also a contest!

I have always said that there are not enough stories about the following: Girls kicking major ass YA Horror Monsters Some type of combination of YA Horror with monsters and girls that kick assΒ  Since there wasn't anything out there like this, I started writing it. I wrote and wrote and just finished it this month. It's called Bump in the Night and the synopsis can be found here. However, to my excitement, I have come across two other excellent works with a somewhat similar concept. A darker story. Girls kicking ass. Monsters/ Supernatural. I haven't read Spook[...]