Holiday Book Showcase: Dillon’s Gift by A.J. Hawthorn

I put out a call on Twitter for some fabulous winter reads. I was looking for anything involving Christmas, snow, or December or anything you could link to it. I got some fabulous responses and I wanted to share them with you. Dillon’s Gift, a romance novel was one of the books I heard about… I just peeked at the cover. Excuse me while I fan myself!


Today’s Holiday Book Showcase is Dillon’s Gift by A.J. Hawthorn.


Book Blurb: Stacy hasn’t celebrated Christmas in years and has no reason to change her ways. Dillon can’t understand why the most giving person he knows refuses to join in the holiday cheer. He cooks up a plan that will leave them no choice but to spend the holidays together.

Yet, he doesn’t know Stacy as well as he thinks, and there is an equal chance that things could backfire.

Will a gag gift mix-up, a game of Truth or Dare, and a blizzard ruin the holiday for them both or bring two friends together for a Christmas to remember.

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An excerpt from Dillon’s Gift

“I know, but the prank wasn’t intended for you. I wouldn’t do something like that to a friend. If I could go back and fix it, I would.” His friendship meant the world to her, and she was terrified of acting on the simmering attraction that increased each time he came near. The urge to run her hands through his hair and burrow into his warmth quickly consumed her every thought.

A thread of unease unraveled inside her as dark satisfaction transformed his features into those of a male ready to claim a long-awaited prize. He acted as if some certain victory was at hand.  As much as she trusted him, she couldn’t help but be wary.

Pressing farther into the door was pointless, but there was no controlling the instinctive response. The wolf had come for Little Red Riding Hood.


About the author A.J. Hawthorn

As a teen, Amy J. Hawthorn fed her reading appetite with fantasy and horror stories. Then she stumbled upon a pretty book cover, complete with a bare-chested, sword-wielding, Highlander. That Highlander and his author showed her the magic of a Happily-Ever-After and she’s never looked back.

She’s a busy mother of two, wife of one and lives with one foot in the hospital world and the other at home.

She has read her way through Kentucky, Arizona, Southern California, and then back home to Kentucky.

Today, between working night-shift and wrangling her family, she tries her best to create Happily-Ever-Afters for the characters running amok in her head.

Amy’s Twitter

Amy’s Blog

shellWhat do you think friends? Will you be reading Dillon’s Gift? Is there another holiday story that you would recommend?




  • A. J. Hawthorn
    December 13, 2013

    Thanks again for having my book 🙂 You rock, Jolene!

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