Trick-Or-Treat Chronicles with Romily Bernard


Last year I picked up a book called Find Me.

I’d never heard of the author before but it sounded good. The page I skimmed in the book was funny and interesting. So I grabbed it. AND OH MY GOD ROMILY BERNARD IS ONE OF MY NEW FAVORITE AUTHORS!!!! In fact, just recently I picked up her newest release REMEMBER ME. I took an awkward photo with me holding it for proof.

Okay, so back to how amazing Romily is. I love her writing because it’s funny, snarky, clever, and some scenes from FIND ME were so perfectly creepy that I was glancing from side to side. I loved it. And I can’t wait to finish Remember Me!

Also Griff is my new book boyfriend. Just sayin’.

When I was making my list of dream guest authors for my Trick-Or-Treat Chronicles interview, Romily was on my list. I was hopeful, but I wasn’t sure she’d agree. But she did! Oh man, was I dancing when she agreed! So let’s talk to her, shall we?


Hi Romily! Thank you so much for being here today. Let’s start off with an easy one! What inspired your YA Find Me series (Find Me, Remember Me, etc.)?

Find Me all started when I had this image pop into my head. There was this girl…and there was a cop trying to break into her house…and she was terrified…and I had no idea why. So I wrote Find Me to figure that out.

Love it! I love that the idea popped into your head and you wrote it to figure the story out. Now, one major facet of your book series… Griff! I’m absolutely in love with Griff from your Find Me series. Who would play him if your series was turned into a movie or a tv show?

Thank you!! I’m so glad you like him! Wait until you see what I do to him in Trust Me *laughs evil author laugh*. I think Andrew Garfield would be a pretty cool Griff—and Emma Stone would be the perfect Wick.

Oh! I love that casting suggestion. You’re right. He makes the perfect Griff! So tell me, what is your writing process like? Tea? Cookies? Music? Silence?

It’s weird. Sometimes I need silence and sometimes I’m okay with noise. I used to do a lot of writing in staff meetings. It was the perfect blend of boring and background noise to get your brain kicking along “Where could I hide a body?” lane.

FindMe_USHahaha! Writing in staff meetings! I love it! So, since this is a Halloween interview, do you believe in ghosts?

Yes! I’ve had a few experiences and as much as I want to explain them away, I haven’t been able to. I guess that makes me a reluctant believer?

Oh! So now we have to know! Tell us about your real life spooky encounter! Have you had one?More?

Yeah, quite a few unfortunately. Most of them were unpleasant, but I’ll tell you about the nice (sort of) one. My mom was up with insomnia one night and, after lying there for a couple hours, she decided to pray the rosary over and over. Which woke me up. Four. Miles. Away. For reals. I heard her voice in the other room except she wasn’t in the other room. She was at home in her bed. I sat up and listened for about ten minutes before going, “I do not believe in this. I do not believe in this.” and going back to bed.

If you would see me right now my mouth is hanging open! That’s crazy! And awesome.  I feel like this is a great beginning for a new YA series! Hehe! What is your favorite scary movie?

I am the lamest thriller writer ever. I can’t watch scary movies because they give me horrendous nightmares, but if I had to pick…probably PSYCHO.

20359661What is your favorite costume that you’ve been for Halloween?

Cleopatra! I can rock some facepaint let me tell you.

Oh! I love it! Now that, I’d like to see! What is your favorite scary, spooky, or fall read?

Oh, man I can’t pick just one. My top obsessions at the moment are BEWARE THE WILD by Natalie Parker, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, and ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD.

Excellent choices! You’ve listed some of my favorite YA novels! Speaking of Halloween, if you could choose what goes on your tombstone, what would you have it say?

“Here lies Romily. She probably died doing something Boy Genius told her not to.”

Hehehe! Do you have a favorite Halloween song?

Uhhhhh….Monster Mash? No, wait, don’t put that haha.

Too late! It will haunt you forever! So, tell us Romily, what are you working on now or would you like to write next?

I’m working on my next YA proposals. I’ve got two contemporaries and a historical—all with thriller twists.

Oh! Sounds great! I can’t wait. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself when I finished Remember Me!


Lightning Round

Say the first word that comes to mind when you see the prompt!

Trick Tying your shoelaces to a desk while you sleep

Trick TP-ing someone’s house

Pumpkin Pie!

Boo! Rawr!


Thank you SO much Romily for being here today! It was a blast and it was so fun learning spooky things about you! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming treats (aka books)!


About the Author

Romily-BernardRomily Bernard graduated from Georgia State University with a literature degree. Since then, she’s worked as a riding instructor, cell-phone salesperson, personal assistant, horse groomer and exercise rider, accounting assistant, and, during a very dark time, customer service representative. . . . She’s also, of course, now a YA novelist.

So don’t let anyone tell you a BA degree will keep you unemployed.

Romily currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and Find Me is her debut novel. It placed first in the 2011 YA Unpublished Maggie Awards (given by Georgia Romance Writers) and won the Golden Heart Award for YA Romance from the Romance Writers of America in 2012.

Website      Twitter     Goodreads


  • Caryn Caldwell
    November 25, 2014

    Great recommendation! I hadn’t read it yet — or even heard about it — but your recommendation was so enthusiastic, and I loved the interview so much, that I’m going to have to check it out now. Thanks!

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