Meet Avery Blair from Harrowed

Avery Blair is the main character in Harrowed, our new horror novel from Horror Twins Press.

When Brian and I were envisioning our novel, we wanted a main character with a strong backbone–someone who was in charge of her own destiny. We imagined Avery as headstrong, thirsty for a story, and determined to find the truth.

When we actually started writing, Avery became all of that and more. We were no longer in charge of her. Like we’d envisioned, Avery spoke to us and started writing her own story. And as it turned out, she had a lot to say.

We have very special things planned for Avery Blair.

So without further ado…


Meet Avery Blair


Name: Avery Blair (Victoria Justice)

Age: 18 years old

School: Woodsview High School

Grade: Senior (12)

Best friend: Quinn Grady

Facebook Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Life Goals: Get out of Woodsview. See the world. Report the news.


Victoria Justice dreamcasted as Avery Blair.

Victoria Justice dreamcasted as Avery Blair.


Let’s Talk Favorites

Avery was willing to play the favorites game with us. Here’s how it worked. I gave her a category, and she told us what her favorite in that category was.

cherry garcia

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Duh.

Favorite Movie: Clue (1985 release)

Favorite Band: AC/DC

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Car: The Black Beast


Favorite Food: Wimpy’s Milkshakes. Come on guys, milkshakes count.

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Favorite Book: All of the Sherlock Holmes novels.

Favorite Scary Movie: Scream

Most Prized Possession: My bass guitar. Or my record player. Can I say both?

Favorite Memory: Sorry, but it’s personal.

Favorite Parent: Easy. My Mom.

Favorite subject: Hands down, journalism. I run the school blog, you know.


Thank you so much Avery for stopping by. I appreciate it!


Meet the Cast of Harrowed

Victoria Justice - Los Angeles Premiere of 'Fred: The Movie', Hollywood, 09/11/2010Brian and I will be introducing the rest of the cast up until our release next week.

Head over to Brian’s blog TODAY to meet Avery’s best friend in the whole world, Quinn! I can’t wait for you to meet her!



There are lots of giveaways happening right now.

You can enter to win a paperback copy of our book on Goodreads or win a digital copy via Rafflecopter (form below).


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We can’t wait for Harrowed to come out next week!!! EEEP! Thank you again for all of the love and support. It means more to me than you know.


Remember, always report the story. Never become the story.







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