Monday Gratitude: Things I Love

I started Monday Gratitude in February and it received a tremendous response. So here I go again!



What is Monday Gratitude?

Monday Gratitude is a new feature on my blog where I’ll be listing neat things that I find and the events, books, blogs, and people that I’m thankful for.


small-tear-heart  My friend Julie over a DeadlyEverAfter.com is running a March Madness writing showcase, where readers can submit their short stories. The only rule is that the story must revolve around “madness” as a theme. I’ve been loving the creative stories!

small-tear-heart I’m obsessed with lace and tattoos. So I made a Pinterest board of the two together.

small-tear-heart Modcloth has a new look book board for bohemian fashion & decor. I’m in love with it. If someone could buy me one of each, that would be great. I mean just look at this adorable cactus mug!

small-tear-heart The new moon happens next Friday. Gala Darling has suggestions on how to make the best of it and live a happier more magical life.

small-tear-heart Have you seen this chocolate dessert that blooms like an actual flower?

small-tear-heart An artist uses candies to transform a room into a sweet wonderland. It’s so incredible. I love the colors and the psychedelic dreamland that’s been created.

small-tear-heart Oprah and Deepak are running a FREE online meditation course called Manifesting True Success. It last 21 days and I’d really recommend it. I’ve done some of their free programs before and I loved them. I even did them at home, in my PJs, with my dog.

small-tear-heart Amy from The Midnight Society reviewed the movie HORNS. I’ve seen it and let me tell you, it is weird. But excellent.

small-tear-heart To fill your wanderlust: The Laughing Medusa has a list of how you can have an adventure in your own town!

small-tear-heart Andrew de Torres is one of my favorite musicians. He’s been in Danger Radio, The Scene Aesthetic, the Price of Spain, and most recently he started a new band called Kaptan. I love his new song. Check it out here!


What are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Shen Hart
    March 16, 2015

    What a great post! 😀 I love tattoos and lace as well, and the candles!

    I’m grateful for my rock, he’s so good to me and always makes me smile no matter what, which given I’ve done taxes in 3 countries, I need.

    I’m grateful for the lovely lady in the coffee shop I frequent, we communicate with hand gestures (I don’t speak Czech, she doesn’t speak English) but she’s so sweet and passionate about coffee.

    Oh and I’m grateful for f:lux – my eyes are so much happier since I started using it!

  • Kathy Palm
    March 16, 2015

    I was lucky to be a part of Julie’s March Madness flash fiction showcase! Super fun! I love all the stories.
    I am grateful for my sister being a 2 year breast cancer survivor!
    I am grateful that my other sister hasn’t had a bad ms attack for a while.
    I am grateful for my kids, cause they’re awesome and still seem to want me around.
    I am extra grateful for my hubs who has supported me in being a stay-at-home mom and writer.

  • Garron Campbell
    March 16, 2015

    I’m thankful for waking up this morning, I’m thankful for being strong enough to not let Home Depot ruin my life yesterday while in search of an AC unit (6 hour nightmare at Home Depot!), and I’m also thankful for your face.

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