Cover Reveal: Halloween Night: Trick or Treat Anthology

Happy cover reveal day!

Last year I had an idea.

I wanted to launch a small publishing house that published only MG, YA, and NA horror because in my opinion, it’s widely underrepresented. I love scary stories and I grew up reading anything and everything spooky that I could get my hands on. I read it all. R.L. Stine, Point Horror Books, and Alvin Schwartz‘s Scary Stories with those incredible illustrations by Stephen Gammell.

So I launched Hocus Pocus & Co.

I put out a call for a Halloween anthology. The stories and illustrations had to be of the MG and YA variety, and they all had to take place on Halloween Night. Because we all know that strange things can happen on Halloween and trick-or-treating, well, it’s not always all treats.

The response was amazingly overwhelming. I received over 100 submissions from around the globe. It was so incredibly difficult because the talent pool is vast and rich but finally, I picked my top 16. And this month I’m going to present them to you.

Today, we’re revealing the gorgeous cover that was designed by the awesome Cara Vescio, who is also the Art Director for Hocus Pocus & Co. She has serious talent and she also writes books, so check them out!

Now on to the cover. I can’t wait to share it!


Do you want to see it?


Are you sure?


Halloween Night: Trick or Treat

Book Genre:

MG/YA horror anthology

Book release date:

10/27/15 from Hocus Pocus & Co.




Graveyards, spirits, witchcraft, black cats, candy, and haunted houses.

Strange things happen on Halloween. All Hallows Eve is the single night where the veil between the living and the dead is opened. And now spirits, monsters, and candy will collide!

Seventeen authors and illustrators set out on a horrific journey to set the record straight. What really happens on Halloween night? Trick or Treating is not all fun and games. There are more tricks than treats scattered through these pages. Sure, All Hallows eve can be a scream. But sometimes, it’s straight-up murder.

Halloween Night: Trick-or-Treat is a middle grade and young adult horror anthology that falls on Halloween night.

Read if you dare! You’re in for a scare!


Stories & Illustrations Include:

Big Brother Zombie by Evan Purcell

Give Us Something Good to Eat by Rie Sheridan Rose

Halloween Ritual by Amy Giuffrida

Haunter by Ryan Bartlett

Hello Annie by Tiffany Morris

It’s All a Bunch of Hocus Pocus by Violette Ulalume

Knock, Knock by Jennifer Moore

Ms. Holstein’s Special Halloween Treat by Chad P. Brown

Night of Monsters by Matthew Wilson

Something Good to Eat by Patrick Hueller

The House of Sam Hain by Betty Rocksteady

Sweet Nothing by Julie Hutchings

The Ghost by David N. Smith and Violet Addison

The Peeping Trick-or-Treaters by Kevin Lewis

Tricks and Treats, and Chicken Feet by Shawn Anderson

What Lurks in the Darkness by Kathleen Palm

More from the Publisher


Hocus Pocus & Co. believes in in all things scary. We are a small publishing house that wishes Halloween was all year long and loves what goes bump in the night.

Hocus Pocus & Co. is headed by Jolene Haley, who noticed that horror was an unrepresented category in MG, YA, and NA and is working hard to change that!

Hocus Pocus & Co. on the web: http://hocuspocusco.com/

Hocus Pocus & Co. on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hocuspocusco


Join the book buzz using hashtag  #HocusPocusReads



  • Kathy Palm
    October 9, 2015

    AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! SO CREEPY! LOVE IT! Happy cover reveal day!

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